Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monte de Gozo

Monte de Gozo

Had such a relaxing evening at Pousada de Salceda- everyone was just sitting outside in the sunshine or shade, chilling out.

And it was so quiet in the dorm this morning. I woke at 6.20am and it was dead silent!! So I was the first one to get up and I tried hard to be quiet.

I had about 8kms to walk to reach Arca. The track played tag with the highway a bit, which meant I at least found a bar for some breakfast. I was amazed to find I had the Camino pretty much to myself until lunchtime- as I arrived in Arca after most of that crowd had left for Santiago, and it was ages before the faster walkers from Arzua caught me up...

I remember last time taking photos with Lyne and Denis at the 16km marker, then having to bury the camera in the pack when it started pouring with rain. This time the rain held off, with just a smidgen of drizzle nearing Monte de Gozo. The skies look leaden and full of wet stuff that wants to fall though, so I hope it isn't too wet an arrival into Santiago in the morning!!!

Quite a bit of the route from Arca was in forest, but at the end was the interminable road to Monte de Gozo. At least I could see what was near that road this time though: last time the mist was very thick.

Ahhh my laundry has nearly finished and the rain has arrived....

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