Friday, June 15, 2012

Descent to Triacastela

Descent to Triacastela

It was a night for the snoring symphony: the person who invented earplugs deserves a Nobel Prize. Then it was the Early Morning Ruckus in our dorm- so at 5.46am I gave up and got up!

That meant I did walk with the sky pink with the dawn. The weather was quite fine to start with and the views beautiful,

I did know this time that yesterday didn't mean the end of the climbing. There were two more steep little grunts- the biggest one up to Alto de Poio. I think it was easier that I knew it was coming.

Once up to Alto de Poio, we became more exposed to the weather. The wind had come up and it was quite cold; and it was trying hard to rain but mainly it was drizzle. It was time for the warm layers in my pack to be pressed into use again. I love walking in these conditions much more than in the heat- reminds me of home.

In fact the whole hilly Galician landscape reminds me of home, except we don't have the stone walls.

It was a pleasant day's walk and the sun even managed to shine as I descended lower. Passed through several farming villages, and saw many grey stone houses with slate roofs.

Starting to re-see a lot more people who are walking at the same pace as me which is nice.

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  1. Love the descent into Triacastela it was like walking into paradise as we started to sunny weather after the 'white out' conditions up O'Cebreiro! Take care of yourself.

  2. Ahh I've been away and missed all of this lovelyness! So loved this part of the walk, the beauty, my companions the weather!! So wonderful!