Sunday, June 17, 2012

A misty morning

I had a comfy bunk and slept well while I could, in between the

10.30pm'ers who came in and turned the lights on despite most others

being asleep... and the 5.30amers who started rustling plastic bags!

Can you tell I am a little 'over' dorm life?- but not long to go


I was hoping to make it some 24km to Palas de Rei today, but have

stopped here in the little village of Ligonde instead. My leg felt

good after the gel I applied yesterday, and I was able to walk really

well for about 15km, much of it climbing. But then it started

complaining again so I have called a halt for the day at lunchtime,

after about 17km. I was feeling like a wimp, but the little 18 bed

albergue has already more than half filled up within half an hour of

opening, so I guess I am not the only wimp. There is nothing much to

do around here other than rest, so I guess that is what I will be

doing quite soon. Then I will aim for Melide tomorrow, and take some

shorter stages to arrive in Santiago maybe just a day later than I had


I knew there was a big climb out of Portomarin this morning so I was

ready for it! It was quite lovely up through forest. What else was

able to be seen I am not at all sure as there was very thick mist that

lasted until about 10.30am. It added to the 'mystery' in this ancient

land where the Celts wandered.

At one stage I passed the body of a dead fox on the track, which was a

little sad. There are signs about the wildlife in some of the areas we

are passing through, but this was the first wild animal other than a

rabbit that I have spied.

Anyhow, time is nearly up- I am off to put my feet up!


  1. I looked up ligonde on Google street and almost all views show pilgrims! So it is quite obvious that the Camino go straight through the village! I have to admit I don't remember going through there though I know Galicia was pretty well my favourite area because there were lots of villages.

    Take care, 4 or 5 more days?


  2. I am probably more in Eirexe, just on the 'border'. There are a series of little villages all in a row- obviously quite historic. Ligonde, just before you reach this albergue, has a very old cross and an old pilgrims hospital and cemetery. I think I remember from last time that even the Celts were here, but haven't noticed anything of that so far this time.
    It's rained heavily all afternoon, another good reason for not walking the extra 8km!!! I think it will take me 5 days to Santiago now I have had this short day. I might aim for a village albergue just short of Melide tomorrow, then Arzua the day after, but will have to listen to my leg - a nuisance at this late stage!!!