Saturday, May 05, 2012

Rest Day in Le Puy

Rest Day in Le Puy

What a difference a day makes! The warm welcome here by the Amis has been lovely- they really take a personal interest in each pilgrim who rolls in through the door.

And I kept meeting kind, helpful people all morning. There was the Tourist Office lady who made a booking for me when I couldn't understand an answerphone. There was the lady in the Post Office who helped me organize a parcel and some postcard stamps, and who offered me their credential stamp- a lovely one of Le Puy.

In the Cathedral I said prayers for some people. I went in there early, after the pilgrim blessing had finished, and it was lovely and quiet.

I climbed the Rocher of St Michel again. It seemed harder than last time! The sunshine today made it seem more beautiful and less foreboding than last time but it remains such an impressive chapel built on that pinnacle of volcanic rock.

I was a bit late for the French lunch time but passed the beautiful looking Hotel Dieu place, Usually I would assume a place like that was too expensive, but they had a menu for 14euro and the food was delicious.

Next I wandered down to a nearby square and found my friends had arrived, looking suitably exhausted. I didn't feel so bad about my state yesterday then! I joined them in a cafe, and as we headed up the hill to the Cathedral they made a very obvious group for all the tourists to gawp at. And I was the fraudulent one behind them with a daypack on!

So I am well rested and start my re-walk of part of the Le Puy route tomorrow. The wind is getting up so I wonder what that will bring, as Montbonnet lies at some 1300m. Last time I was there it snowed!

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