Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pamploña -Uterga

Just had a ´short´ but glorious day to ease my way back in. (Robert, I feel under no pressure to go far or fast this time- your Dawdler record might be under threat!)

The temperature was only about 14C in Pamplona this morning but soon warmed up. I was looking forward to the climb to Alto del Perdon, as I knew I loved the climb and the views last time. And the views lived up to all my memories and more, as the sunshine made everything look extra beautiful.

I did have memories of climbing through mud in 2008- but everything was very dry on the trail today. Quite a few wheat crops have grown tall. The views across to the hills and over the fields of crops were to die for. I really think the views in this section of the Camino are under-rated.

Met lots of friendly people of many nationalities and ages. More from the USA than I have met before, so I wonder if the movie ´The Way´ has had an impact on numbers. Quite a few separate groups of Italians were on the trail today as well, and one threesome were singing behind me at one stage to help get themselves up the hill, and it sounded bellissimo.

Sat on the shady side of a monument at the top of Alto del Perdon to eat my lunch- thanks Aideen for the second picnic! Took quite a few photos of the pilgrim statues at the top- some with me in, so you might get to see one of those later.

I had thought I might walk to Obanos but in the heat decided to quit at Uterga. My foot is feeling good so am very pleased about that. Only one other person has arrived for the dorm here so har so might be a quietish night!

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  1. Obviously there was a lot of mud in 2008 because we climbed through slippery mud also. Thanks for the memories! You are right, the views are spectacular going up in that climb and from the monument at the top!