Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting lost and found in Moissac

It seemed like everything had run out at once- deodorant, soap, toothpaste.... so a walk to a nearby supermarket was needed. Aideen gave me a map and brief directions. Right left and I would be there.
After my first turn I saw a couple of bewildered looking men- obviously walking the Chemin, but looking lost. So I crossed the road to reassure them they were not far from the GR, and told them which way to turn. They were lost then found. Did my shopping and headed home. Arrrrgh a short walk but I was soon lost, and had to ask for directions. Rom can't believe I walked four weeks on the Chemin only to get lost on a short walk in Moissac.

A few Australians have arrived here tonight. Seems unbelieveable, but have had contact with one via the Santiago Forum. It's a small world!


  1. I have more than once, found myself walking back to the gîte in a round about way! Never admitted I was lost.


  2. Trouble was Michele, I was walking in exactly the wrong direction. Have no idea how I managed that!

  3. I believe you.. I had problems finding my way through Moissac.. was lucky to meet some other pelerins and get some help. Do your friends still have their little dog?

  4. Yes, Bono is still in fine form, and enjoys the company of all thd pilgrims... I went up to the market with Aideen today and didnt stick around to wander more: made sure I came back with her.