Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Estaing 13 May

Estaing 13 May

Took the 'flat' option along the road near the River Lot this morning. Nice and easy for a change!

Highlight of today was seeing the Romanesque church at Perse- such a little jewel, with harmony written in all it's arches.

Then at Bessuejouls I loved the 'upstairs' chapel all over again. I also bought a sandwich from the little bar here, made to order with what I wanted in it, and the woman wrapped it up for me to take with me. Such kind and gentle service.

The climb uphill was just as hard as I remembered - harder really as I thought the tough bit was quite short but it went on a bit! Once on top I managed to pay attention for the turn downhill that I missed last time. There are extra markings at that point now to make it more obvious, so I was probably not alone in missing that turn!

I managed to lose my hat- again-! probably at the point where I took a photo of my shoes in the mud. But again good fortune or St Jacques shone on me... and a German pilgrim brought it along with him- and I grabbed it from him delightedly in the middle of eating my delicious sandwich!

Having problems with my plantar fasciitis on my left foot- the heat seemed to do it in and it's hard to stretch enough to relieve it. But I am probably only going to walk another 4-5 days now anyhow before I head off on a train to see Rom and Aideen in Moissac. In two days time I will hopefully be in Conques... There are two Hungarian men here though who have walked through from Holland. One of them has the same thing but it isn't stopping him. He expects to reach Conques tomorrow and for them it marks the halfway point. I feel like a wimp!

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