Friday, December 23, 2016

Oparara walks Pt2

Next on the list was the loop walk to Moria Gate and Mirror Tarn, which took about one and a half hours. There was a sign near the start of this that showed how much enthusiastic local volunteer labour and passion had been involved in establishing the various walking tracks in this area- no mean feat in a rainforest. I felt quite humbled to be able to walk here and enjoy it.

After about 25 minutes walk through the rainforest, I arrived at the Moria Arch. It was a bit of a scramble down rocks, with help from a chain, to get down there, and I felt like I was a young'un on an adventure. It was spectacular to be under the arch, watching the river flow through. There was a small group of others there also enjoying it. 


After I had climbed out from under the arch, I took the longer 'continuation' track that led to a viewpoint looking across to the arch. Again the water is brown due to the natural tannins leached from the leaves by the heavy rainfall.
The walk continued through rainforest to Mirror Tarn. It was nearly dead calm and the reflection was perfect.

There was a bit more rainforest to walk through, near the river, before I rejoined the road for a short stretch back to the car park.
And with two arches, two caves and a tarn seen, it was time for lunch before leaving the area.

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