Sunday, September 02, 2012

Playing around

Putting off heading out into the garden, I have been 'playing around' with a free collage App. Here are some of the Esplanade in Spring photos as a collage:


  1. Lovely! I made a spring collage today too, just using Photoshop... I wonder what your app is?

    The kowhai right outside my bedroom window isn't flowering yet, though it won't be long - the buds are yellow.

  2. The App was a free one for Mac called CollageIt. I've got a large kowhai tree in my backyard that isn't in flower yet- it always seems to be 'later' than many others. Not sure why, as it is in a sunny enough spot. It was the collage on your site that inspired me to work out how to do one!!!

  3. Is that a dogwood in the centre of the collage?

    1. Ummmm does dogwood mean toilet? Yep, there is one of those behind the cherry blossom....