Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Upper Kahuterawa Rd

Yesterday I walked 4km- 8km return- up the lower end of Kahuterawa Rd as far as Green's Rd. Today I walked the next 6km- 12km return- from Green's Rd up to the bridge over the Kahuterawa River, where the Sledge Track starts.  As soon as I parked the car at Green's Rd, I was immersed in a beautiful morning. A tui was eating from flax flowers right nearby, and I hadn't walked far before I saw a hawk flying up in the sky.

Yesterday's route had more hills in it, so in a sense was more use for 'training'- but the upper part of the road feels so much more wild and remote, and mostly follows the river quite closely. You get to listen to the sound of the river over rocks below as you walk by on the road above- very peaceful.

 This is a view of the river from the bridge at the top of the road, where the Sledge Track and Back Track both begin.

About 2km from Green's Rd is a riverside park, with a few facilities for a bbq etc, and I sat there for some morning tea on my way back down the road. Very peaceful place to sit, just listening to the sound of the river as it flows by. It strikes me I could make a series of photos of my shoes/feet at resting places. (Here is a similar shot from a month ago!) Ok, you can comment- not everyone is as interested in my feet as I am!


  1. I think Arlette and I have about 20 pictures of our feet with and without boots!


  2. I thought you might understand :-) I think it will be a motif for 2012.

  3. I'll skip a feet comment, but they are long long walks. Looks like you will do the walk with ease.

  4. Andrew, still need to get a lot fitter. My days on the trip will be more like 20km, and I gather there are some largish climbs and descents. And I will have a large pack on....

  5. I like the look of that stream, does it have trout? I think you should shout yourself a bird book Kiwi, seems there are quite a few to spot. As for feet- I take lots of photos of mine ( well my walking boots), I can still remember exactly where I was when I took them too!

    1. I don't know if it has trout or not Simon- but I have never seen anyone trying to fish there, so maybe not! I have several bird books Simon, but never carry them in my pack. I saw quite a few chaffinches out today- they are usually not so obvious but maybe all the seeds in suburban gardens appeal at this time of year. Saw another bird today I am confused about and am going to look it up.
      I will try and find some nice settings for my boots and 'socked' feet before the year is out!

    2. You realise you have made the first comment I was able to give a 'threaded' reply on. Yoohooo!