Thursday, January 26, 2012

These feet are made for walking...

Having a rest after some 7-8km of walking this morning, before the climb up the metalled part of Turitea Rd and onto Green's Rd. Another place where these feet went a-walking. Good hill climbing and descending practice!

And a second shot of the same feet, once I had reached the top end of this climb.

I think it's time I added a 'feet' label... I know it's all a bit self-centred- but I like the slight quirkiness of it all :-)


  1. I think most, if not all, of us who've walked a goodly distance, can relate to Foot/Feet postings! Funny cause I'm taking daily photos of a toe nail that is in the process of departing..and will continue up till a pedi when it's all well and truly healed. When ever that'll be!!

  2. It is a shared experience for us indeed Karin. I wonder how many different settings I can find with my shoes/socks off- depends on how much it ends up raining probably. The days you most need to give your feet a breather from the shoes you often can't cos it's raining!

  3. You know the funny thing about it is that my feet were never as soft and free of cracking peeling skin as when I was wearing heavy socks and hiking boots everyday. Had a pedicure today and it reminded me of how soft my feet were on the Camino.

    Leaving for France tomorrow!


    1. Mine got really hard and callused Michèle- too hard for any blisters! Took me ages to get rid of the hard skin when I got home. Am going to carry moisturiser for my feet this time and apply it each night! I was just thinking as I was out walking today that you must be nearly ready for that trip to France!