Sunday, December 11, 2011

345: roadside rest

In just four months time I will be starting some long walks in France, so the summer needs to be full of walks to improve my fitness. Today I took one of my 'circuits' around some quiet country roads. I started earlyish, just after 7am, and after three and a half hours, I decided it was time to stop for a morning tea break. And ahhhh how I love taking my shoes off!


  1. Teehee - what a sweet shot! I love the shot of the road/track disappearing from view! Good luck with the continued walking journey!

  2. Only 19 days left of your 365! I love this photo because it reminds me so much of my pilgrimage with Arlette. Thanks.


  3. Anne, this is on the 'road closer to the hills' I was talking about when I took you up that steep hilly road -which I will probably walk next weekend- I checked out that 'parking space' again as I walked past this morning!
    Michèle, me too, I was thinking a lot of Lyne and Denis when I took this photo. I took a 'similar' one near Lectoure, but it has many socks and some bare feet in it...