Friday, April 04, 2008

One more sleep

One more sleep.
Taxi ordered for 7.15am.
Adventure is about to begin.
I should be getting some sleep in my account now before jetlag hits
but can't quite get the mind calm
strangely enough!


  1. My time: no more sleeps!
    At this present point of moment, you should be in the air on way to your first destination stop. Jaffaville.

    Smooth flights and safe travels :)

  2. All the very best of luck with your travels Kiwi, if you happen to see this before you go. I will look in here regularly and maybe we can even link up in Spain!

  3. Yep, here I am in Jaffaville. Saw the sunrise - glorious - at Palmie airport. Saw Mt Egmont swathed in cloud with the peak showing and flew nearly straight above the crater of Ruapehu!