Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today is a gorgeous Sunday here and I am spending it in Conques, which has a monastery church set in the middle of a valley. It is a beautiful morning, and I have just climbed down to see the old pilgrim's bridge. I was pleased to find it was quite easy to climb back up after two weeks of practice climbing up and down many many hills!

I can hardly believe that I need sunblock and t-shirt so soon after needing all my layers in the snow and rain!

This whole region, Aveyron, is beautiful, quite remote, and not at all heavily touristed. I spent the night before I got here in Golinhac, which had a view over the valley just to die for! The lady at the camping ground spoiled me. Instead of spending the night in the gite with all the men snoring, I got a room to myself in a chalet.

There is lots of good company along the way. Some people I only see once; as they are travelling a lot more quickly. But others I see again and again, even when you think you have said 'Goodbye', as people take shorter and longer days in different places. Lots of good food too, and as this is not a touristy area - except for Conques today- the prices are really reasonable. The gites are clean and comfortable, and wonderful places to meet others.
OK time to explore more of medieval Conques. I went to a concert last night in the church and the sound was just superb echoing up in the tall arches.
Catch you somewhere else en route!


  1. I clicked on your profile because of the interesting pic and came across your blog. I read a few posts, and I think it's very good. I also love your photos, as I really want to get to Southeast Asia someday. Keep up with the traveling and writing. Isn't being a perpetual wanderer fun?

  2. Sounds like a great time Kiwi Nomad - the lovely NZ weather continues with warm days and cooler nights.

    About how far are you walking a day and what are the tracks like ?


  3. My distance varies with the terrain and the weather, and the condition of my feet; anything from 12km to up to 24 or so at this stage. Tracks also vary. Sometimes quiet roads; farm tracks, or proper bush tracks. In the rain, some tracks became more like streams!

    Nice to meet you Brandon!

  4. Wow - that sounds wonderful.

    Wish I was there!