Sunday, April 06, 2008

Arrived in Singapore!

Well, it has been a long day and my body is telling me to get to bed already..... but I will do a quick post. I ended up with an aisle seat when I asked at the gate lounge desk... yeah... always happier if I can get up and walk around on a long flight. And interestingly, I am sure a daytime flight seemed longer than a night one! But a few time zones and quite a few hours later, I have reached the equator. Very friendly crew down our end of the plane which was very pleasant.
The hostel is lovely. Took the MRT here then had to work out which direction I needed to walk in from the Little India station. Once I had finally worked out where the 'carpark' was that I needed to cross diagonally I was home and hosed. It is the Hangout @Mt Emily (YHA) that I am staying in. It is just above a park, and involved a short hill climb to reach here. Amazingly tranquil, yet a hop, skip and a jump from all the activity in Little India and Orchard Rd. Great air-con. And very soon, it won't actually matter whether I find the bed is comfy or not, I am sure I will sleep well!
I have booked a transfer package for the Night Safari tomorrow evening at the Zoo. Possibly there are cheaper options, but this is all inclusive and easy! Now.... to sleep..... Night all!


  1. Oooh! The night safari sounds good! Glad you got your aisle seat! I like a window so I can hold my GPS up to it to get a signal to I can work out where I am! Which airline are you using?

  2. Patrick started school Tues (1/4) and seems to be doing well. Very hectic time for all of us with work, play centre and school. Looking forward to the holidays in a couple of weeks. We enjoyed the night safari years ago. HBPS

  3. I am flying Singapore Airlines maalie. There is a bird calling outside- hostel in near a park- no idea which one but it sounds interesting!
    HBPS, you not going to confuse the populace eh by signing Helen?! Hope school goes well for Patrick... he will be the most ready for the holiday when it arrives... it will be well timed!
    I will probably get to blog about the Night Safari since there is free internet here.