Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day 1 in Paris

Here I am in Paris! It was an uneventful trip over, with just a few bits of mild turbulence over India and Pakistan mainly. We were a little bit delayed leaving Singapore as we had to have ten minutes time between us and a Frankfurt flight, as we were taking the same path. Then there was the queue I knew would be there at CDG; like NZ thirty years ago. I am amazed the French put up with it: only two out of four possible seats open to stamp people through, and no quicker route for EU passports. However, it wasn't really too long before I had my bags, and then I was pleasantly surprised to find a transit train to the RER. I think it was new:- last time I was at CDG I remember it was like an IQ test I failed to work out which bus to take to get on the RER!

Found the hostel easily and before long - just after midnight- was tucked up soundly in my bed, and slept well until about 5am. Shortly after that my room-mate crept quietly in from a night out. So I returned the favour and got up very quietly at 7am, leaving them sound asleep.

I have had a lovely morning. I decided on a quietish 'recovery' day - and have a list already of places I want to see, so my jetlagged brain needn't think too hard. The Canal St Martin I have read about, and it starts right near my hostel in Boulevard Jules Ferry. In fact, it goes 'underground' just over the road through a little neighbourhood park. I really enjoyed wandering down it this morning, passing locals heading off to work or school or walking their dogs etc. I passed a zillion neighbourhood restaurants where one could eat. Yum! But in the end my jetlagged body was ready to munch well before lunchtime, so I bought something yummy from a boulangerie and sat in a park and ate it! I got as far as Place de Bitche - no typo!- where there was a church that was called St Jacques -St Christophe. Saw lots of statues etc of St Christopher, and think I saw one St Jacques window but it was reflected in quiet chapel so never went in to disturb people.

The weather has been coolish but not windy, and I am fine out walking in it with my jacket on. In fact this is perfect walking weather I reckon; but I think I might be lucky it isn't raining here.

Now I am off to the station to book my ticket to Le Puy for Saturday. I have a few things on my list for this arvo..... but will see if jetlag catches up with my enthusiasm at some stage! I have slipped back into speaking my bits of French more easily than I thought... and am loving being back in France. Catch you with more news when I can.... but I know rural interent once I hit Le Puy won't be too good!

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