Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jetlag and plastic bag torture!

You will have to forgive me if I only half make sense! My body has determined rhythms of its own. Yesterday evening when I arrived here I was quite tired as it was past my bedtime NZ time. Then I perked up and was wide awake again. Then found my alarm clock with the 'old' time - 3am. So decided I needed to head off to bed as I might not be asleep long.
Hostel bed was very comfy and I slept very well... until 1.30am = 6.30am body time when I usually get up. Groan! Lay there quietly in the dark, feeling quite relaxed about being awake, which was good, as sometimes I am very 'wired' in these early morning times of jetlag. Now you see why I give myself three sleeps worth of stopover.... and I only tend to adjust by an hour a night, so possibly I will be awake 2.30am tonight. But let's hope not.
The other reminder I was away from home was the 'plastic bag torture' - a feature of big city hostels where people need to come and go at odd hours for transport - and something I last experienced in Sydney last year. You'd think that if you knew you had to get up at 4am, you would pack nearly all your bag the night before, and do the last few bits outside the room. Not hard eh!! Well, apparently it is! This one only lasted ten minutes instead of two hours, but she had a very 'special' bag that made the most exquisite noise for at least a full 30 seconds.
Hostel room is very clean, great aircon, good toilet facilities, and there are a bunch of friendly people in there. Unusual design gives us partly individual cubicles. Great amount of space to put all your gear, on a 'table' next to the bed, and in a lockable locker underneath, or even hanging up on provided hangers! Design was done on a computer without user-input though I think - thought of you Tim!!! - as it was a bit tricky to access the locker... ie you needed to crawl under the table area.
The hostel is in a wonderful neighbourhood. At the top of a hill above a small park. Very tranquil spot, but close to all the action, especially in Little India. I saw lots of people eating out down there yesterday evening as I arrived, so I know where to go eat already.
Okey dokey, breakfast time here, so must go indulge in the free hostel breakfast, and that should help me over some jetlag and reset my body clock a bit.
See you later! Margaret


  1. I am looking forward to more on Singapore. I would love to go there for a visit.

  2. It's hot here pa! I can tell you that!!! Great thing about the hostel is they have free internet. Even greater thing is that the internet rooom is air-conditioned really well!!!

  3. Internet and air conditioning, how sweet. But every time I think about hostels I am reminded of the movie...

  4. I think that it might be just as well I haven't seen that movie!!!
    Aircon is very much appreciated I tell you. When I was young and stupid, and stayed in all the ultra-budget places, I was in Singapore without aircon. Not so nice!