Saturday, April 05, 2008

Auckland Airport

Here I am at Auckland Airport. Early start from home, but got to see absolutely glorious sunrise at PN airport. Caroline gave up her first cricket-free morning to come and see me off so we had yummy hot chocolate drinks. Passed nearly over the top of Ruapehu, and saw Egmont to the left, its peak poking out but the bottom swathed in cloud. Thought of you all in Taranaki ;-) Got a wonderful view of the harbour as we came in to land, with all the mangroves in the little harbour fingers.
Was going to indulge in some McD fries but the service was so slack I gave up! Now about to go through security and passport control etc. It all seems very real at this stage. Jammed in a middle seat rather than the aisle I prefer, but at least they have those little screens to keep me entertained for ten and a half hours. Last time I amused myself making up a playlist of songs off all their CD collection and before I knew it 8 and a half hours had gone!

Catch you in Singapore probably! Love to everyone, Adventure starting!


  1. Have a great time !

  2. buen camino!!!

  3. Hooray! You're on your way! getting closer every minute...

  4. Thanks guys. Have just arrived in Singapore and am sooooo pleased I decided to pay extra to get a decent hostel... the airconditioning is magnificent, and I am using free internet!