Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rome for Easter

I was in St Peter's Square for Easter Sunday Mass. Even with the zoom lens on full you can't see much, but I was there! The first photo was taken during the Mass, and the second one when the Pope was giving his Easter speech from the balcony above. And yes, they had big screens there so you could actually see what was happening! Even though it was so far away it was still wonderful to be in the international crowd. The music was amazing for starters.

Here is a 'spring' shot over the Tiber. I have a 'winter' one from another trip. I can't imagine ever wanting to be in Rome for the heat of summer, but maybe one day I will get an 'autumn' shot. (And maybe I just shouldn't be so greedy!)
This last photo is of the Appian Way, taken when I went to the Catacombs. The road was quite busy closer to the city, but got quieter the more you got out from it. And of course, not so many modern cars want to travel on this old section of cobbles, so as you can see I nearly have the ancient road to myself at this point.

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