Monday, September 18, 2006


One of the real highlights of cycling was being able to stay in camping grounds in rural areas. These two photos are from Cande-sur-Beuvron, not so far from Blois, yet very rural.
The poppies were in a field straight over the road from the camping ground, and you can see that the crops have very much dried off by this stage ( June 19-20).
The river picture shows yet another confluence. This photo shows the Cosson and Beuvron rivers flowing together. I think I first came across the Cosson river way back in La-Ferte-St-Aubin, my second camping ground. Though I might be muddled. Am still waiting for the package I posted in Jersey (at huge expense) with all my Loire maps to arrive. I posted it over two months ago but I have beaten it home!
Just downstream from the confluence in this photo was yet another one, where this 'new' little river then flowed almost imperceptibly into the Loire. Two confluences in one little quiet village.

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