Saturday, September 16, 2006

Collecting the Bike!

Here I am outside the bicycle shop in Orleans (Jerry's) where I bought my bicycle. I am all ready to head back to Bonnelles near Paris, where my friend lives. So my first ride is through the streets of Orleans back to the railway station. This is much more nervewracking than it sounds, and it took me longer than I thought, as I had not realised the streets I had been walking down were "One Way". Duh!! So finding a route was tricky!

Travelling back to Paris was like stepping back in time, as spring was at a much earlier stage. I had to ride 13km from the end of the RER line at St-Remy-les-Chevreuse to Bonnelles. The first section was quite hilly but very scenic with much forest alongside the road. Then I got to pass some farmland, and by this stage I was really enjoying the cycling, feeling glad that I had chosen to do such a thing. You can perhaps see how threatening and stormy the sky was though: and by the next day the region was in the grip of a major storm.

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