Monday, September 18, 2006

Croagh Patrick

Climbing Croagh Patrick is seen as a penetential experience by the Irish and now I understand why!
As a girl who grew up by a mountain I should have known a 'cap' of cloud on top of the mountain would mean bad weather, but as I reached Croagh Patrick, the cloud appeared to be lifting. Just as well I took a few photos of the view on the way up as there was absolutely no view left on the way down!
The dome behind the statue of Patrick is the toughest part of the climb. It goes straight up, and it is hard to maintain your footing on the rocks you walk over.

This is a photo of the bay below with some of its many islands. On a good day, the view from the top must be absolutely magnificent.
However, such a view was not to be had the day I climbed. By the time I reached the top, you could not tell this chapel was actually on the top! Getting down again was very hard work as the wind was really strong. But it was a great sense of achievement at the end!

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