Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jersey - Payn

The reason I went to Jersey was because my great-grandfather, Francis Davis Payn, came from there. This posting has a few family history bits and pieces!
This is St Martin's Church where my great-great grandparents, Thomas Payn and Elizabeth Mourant are buried.

The old family home is still standing though has been much changed from its days as a typical Jersey farmhouse. You can see on this end-shot of the house how walls have been added to add a second storey in more modern times.
But there is still a sign proclaiming the house as "Les Ruettes" as it was when my Payn family lived there in the mid-1800s.


  1. I am helping a friend with his genealogy. He is the grandson of Arthur Thomas Pay and Ann Hunter Payn. Arthur is buried next to Francis Davis Payn but I haven't been able to make a family link between them yet. How are you decended from Francis Davis and do you know if Arthur Thomas is decended from him? My email is maryloissnow@msn.com

    1. Hi Marylois, I am a great-grand-daughter of Francis Davis Payn, who married Johnanna Scettrini in New Zealand. I am not sure if you are talking here about a NZ grave, or one in Jersey. My FD had a brother also called Francis Davis Payn who died as a toddler, just before my FD was born, and was given the same name. I don't know any family connections with those names here in NZ, but I don't know enough about the other relatives in Jersey to say a definite 'No.' If they are in adjoining plots in the same parish in Jersey, I guess it does imply some sort of relationship. I will get back to you if I find some more info. Margaret

    2. Hi Marylois, Have found a possibility. I am wondering if this Arthur might be the son of Joseph (Helier?) Payn, born 1899, who married Rose Perring? Joseph was a son of Francis Davis and Johanna Scettrini. I will e-mail you with a few more details, and someone to telephone who knows more... Margaret

    3. Oh, and I am descended from Frank and Johanna's daughter, Rose Payn, who married James Lalor.