Monday, September 18, 2006

The end of cycling!

I realise now that I should have posted the photos from the end of my cycle trip first, and then you would be seeing everything in the right order. As it is, you will have to go backwards!

I finished off the cycling part of my trip at Beaugency again, and on the last day of cycling worked out an interesting circuit of about 60km for myself. One last chance to notice interesting details in the rural landscapes.

One person who I kept 'meeting' in the wider Tours region was St Martin, who had spread Christianity in this area way back in the 300s. This scultpure was in the wall of a village church I passed at Crouy-sur-Cosson.
This stained glass window was in a village church at Talcy, a place I passed through on my last circuit.

Then the final day of cycling arrived. I caught the train and RER to go back to my friend's place. Here I am at the end of the RER line at St-Remy-les-Chevreuse, ready to cycle my last 13km to Bonnelles. My French friend had asked for a photo of me with my bike and luggage. I realised almost too late that I had photos of me without the bike, and photos of the bike with luggage on without me, but no photo of me plus bike and luggage. So I pressed some poor innocent young person at the RER station into taking this final cycling photo!

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