Monday, September 18, 2006


The huge municipal camping ground for Blois was several kilometres upstream from the city. So each time I went to Blois I always got to see these splendid views of it from across the river. As you can tell from the calm reflections, there were even some days with no wind, easy days for cyclists!

The day I first went to Blois was actually June 21st, the 'longest' day in this part of the world, and the 'shortest' day back home.

I actually did finally go inside the Chateau at Chambord, following a marked cycle circuit that was easy to pick up from the Blois camping ground. I passed a few fields of sunflowers on this route, but never got a photo of myself posing in front of the blooms. As you can see, I am just slightly too early!!
There was a huge amount of water being drawn from the Loire for summer irrigation in this area.

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