Saturday, September 02, 2006

leaving Malacca

This morning I left Malacca and am now back in Singapore. The morning never started well: I managed to lock myself out of my bedroom and had to wait for the manager with the spare key! Meanwhile I had an interesting convo about Malaysia and world politics with the elderly Chinese cleaner. He spoke excellent, precise English as he had been to school in British colonial times.
I had found out the day before where to catch the bus for the bus station, and I was there by 8.30am, in time to get the bus at 9am for Singapore. Across from me on the bus were two teenage Malay friends. One was wearing a headscarf but she was still listening to MP3 music and texting, and laughing with her friend. This part of Malaysia seems more moderate than some other parts in terms of Islam.
We had the same on the bus- off the bus performance for Customs. First on the Malaysian side then on the Singapore side. We were waiting a while for a passenger who must have been delayed getting through Customs. I decided to ditch my Malaysian bus (which was going to take me right into the centre of town, only for me to have to leave it again...) and get the Singapore bus for Woodlands MRT wth my EZ card. I was a bit sad to leave the bus as I had had some interesting convos on it. But as it turned out, unusally for Singapore, I also had some convo on the bus to Woodlands.
Public transport is so easy in Singapore as you merely swipe your card at the beginning and end of each journey whether it is on train or bus. Before I knew it I was back at my friend's apartment. I collected my new prescription sunglasses (watch out miscreants on the bottom field as I can see who you are now!) and my laundry is now spinning its way to being clean again.


  1. The chch branch of your fan club have finally made it to your blog...and looking forward to seeing you down here to hear all about your trip.

  2. made it.....better late than never.... I will be home in a couple of days! Actually I am impressed that you made a comment!