Sunday, September 17, 2006


From Beaugency, I used my 1cm:1km maps to work out a route to Bracieux camping ground. I passed a lot of forest along the roadside, and saw some signs warning of deer. These signs were quite common in France, but I think you mainly saw the deer nearer dusk. I finally saw a young deer one day, that ran down one side of a vineyard, across the road, and down the side of another vineyard. It was a brief glimpse, but very exciting!

Bracieux was ideally placed for a trip to Chambord Chateau. On my first visit to this Chateau, on June 1, I didn't actually go inside. It was all too weird being in "tourist bus" land after over a week cycling through the countryside and being in smaller towns that had few tourists. So I just cycled around outside in the grounds. (I did come back near the end of my cycling trip and did go inside: it was well worth it to gain an understanding of the unique architecture alone!)

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