Monday, September 18, 2006


Wow, this is a really quick tour! I am skipping over time spent in Cork, Glengarriff, Kenmare and Killarney now to reach Dingle. It's not the isolated place that Lonely Planet had led me to believe, and at first I found it far too busy for my tastes. But there was actually a lot about Dingle to enjoy eg a marvellous concert, the atmospheric bare stone exposed in the local church, the Clarke stained glass windows.
I went on a couple of interesting tours in Dingle. This man runs Sciuirid Archeological Tours and his tour was wonderful. He is full of knowledge and explains things very well. He also makes it fun. Here he is explaining to us about Ogham stones.

This is a view of "sunny" Dingle. I was very glad when I found this coastal path.
However, I am not sure that sunny Dingle happens all that often. These two shots were taken on a misty day where you could barely see the hills on the other side of the harbour. I actually loved this misty atmosphere.
I found this kind of 'stile' intriguing: it allowed humans to slip through very easily while stopping the cows from coming through.

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