Sunday, July 03, 2011

Turitea Walkway

Well, it surely does help to keep one sane if we keep having lovely winter days like this in the weekends. Another Sunday, another lovely walk - this time along the Turitea Walkway, which starts on the edge of Massey University grounds.
 The walk starts off along a track that passes through bush, near the Turitea Stream.

Later it emerges out onto farmland, and you get some great views across to the northern end of the ranges in behind the city.

 I saw quite a few people out walking their dogs. This lady is wearing a t-shirt, same as me- always makes it feel less like winter when you can do that!

I walked as far as this picnic table, just short of Old West Rd. The reflections in the pond were so beautiful in the sunshine. This is a pool where I look for some ducks with ducklings in the springtime. But today I used the view here as a place to practise my landscape-sequence ready for some 'stitching' efforts- as part of my night class 'homework'. Here are two of the landscapes I 'stitched' once I got home, and I am quite pleased I got them to 'match' up pretty well.

It was time to head back along the walkway for the car, and I decided to put the camera away and speed up the pace. But then along came this fungus beside the path, just begging to be photographed.

As I drove home, I noticed one of the magnolia trees in the Esplanade was in full flower. Ahhh well, if we have another fine day next weekend, I shall have to go and explore there...


  1. Nice blog, brilliant pics!!!
    I use to forget it's winter in the South hemisphere. You've nice weather if you can wear a T-shirt in winter.

  2. Thanks A-B-C. Glad you liked them. It was only warm enough to be in a t-shirt if you were walking or running: when I got home and sat down I needed more clothes on again!

  3. I watched a documentary on TV5 produced by France 2 in France called "La Nouvelle Zélande, le dernier Paradis? I think your weather is pretty close to paradise!


  4. You keep this up I'm going to have to start saving for a flight down under sooner than later! Lovely stuff! Funny you said about taking a class, that was one of my thoughts yesterday while biking...I need to learn to get the camera to do more! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Our weather is supposed to turn cold and nasty tomorrow Michèle! Karin, I am lucky as we have a really good tutor for the course.

  6. Wow! T-shirts in the winter! Not here. Unless your talking about some youthful guys who will go without a shirt at all! Nice matching of the pictures. I like the green. And the fungus begging. Ha!

  7. tee shirts! crikey! I am rugged right up with the flu makes me cold just thinking about it!

  8. No t-shirts now Simon- winter has well and truly arrived. Southerly storm has been here for about ten days- hail, thunder, lightning, multiple layers of clothing...