Tuesday, July 19, 2011

200: riverside sunshine

Down by the riverside on a gloriously sunny winter afternoon.
And this is the 200th post for the year!


  1. Congratulations on making it to 200.. that takes commitment!

  2. Only 165 to go Kay.... we're on the downhill stretch. Might get a fog pic in Hamilton yet- if it isn't raining!

  3. Determination always wins the day! Congrats! Can I suggest a modified text for this picture?
    "Down by the riverside on a gloriously sunny early spring afternoon."

    These people are in shorts!


  4. I know.... I was wishing I had fewer clothes on as I became quite warm!

  5. Well done! I don't know how you manage to take a photo and post it EVERY day! Real commitment :)

    This is beautiful; for me the quality of the light has a cold feeling - it doesn't look like spring yet...

  6. Alexia- sometimes it is a matter of a very quick look around the house and a very quick decision! Othertimes it is a relaxing 15 minute stroll.. Yes, the light is definitely a winter light- partly that is why everything is so clear and not hazy.