Sunday, May 29, 2011

Broadway Churches

When I walk to/from town I pass several churches en route down Broadway.
Here are a few views of the beautiful Catholic cathedral.

 You could spend many hours taking various angles of this church ;-)

 Here it is reflected in the windows of the new bank building next door.

This cross is on the wall of a Congregational church, attended mainly by Pacific Islanders as far as I can tell. The building is easy to walk by on a dull day, but the brick takes on lovely warm hue in the sunshine.

This is the Methodist church on Broadway: I love it when the red/orange bricks stand out against a blue sky.

And lastly, St Peter's Anglican Church, at the top end of the Broadway. It was getting late in the late autumn afternoon when I took this shot. The walls have quite a different look in the harsher light of summertime.


  1. I can love the insides of these churches as well! Though I'm not a Catholic, I love the beauty I can find in one of their churches. And just haven't gotten around into getting into an Eastern Orthodox church. Lovely photos.

  2. I read that St Peter's has some nice stained glass. I will have to go in one morning to see it!