Friday, May 06, 2011

126: Victoria Avenue

I put up a photo of the view down Victoria Avenue just a few days ago,  but today it is looking even more autumnal. Soon those leaves will all have fallen.... but for now it was a glorious arcade of colour to drive through.


  1. You caught it at a nice angle.

  2. Well, Nomad, I'm guessing you got that fancy new camera.

    Loving the pics.


  3. Oh it's a long story Dawdler. Got a dslr but got frustrated with having to change lenses all the time. Gave it away to my nephew!!! Have a 'system' camera that gives me big zoom without changing lenses. Got broken arm soon after I got it and had to wait six weeks before I could manage to use it. Getting lots more confidence by doing this 365 Project.