Sunday, May 01, 2011

121: Garden animals

I wasn't sure what I was going to put here today. There was sunshine this morning, but it has morphed into a cloudy grey this afternoon. I took one photo, but didn't like the greyness. I know the next four months are going to be harder to take photos in with shorter, grey-er days...

But then I spotted a neighbour's cat on my shed. Grey. But perfect subject that sat still, staring at me as I began taking a few photos.

I could have stopped there: I had my 365 shot for the day. But next I spied this praying mantis as I headed back inside.

And since I can't decide which animal to give you, you are getting a double whammy today...


  1. It does eh?! I have never noticed this one before. There are two others that are the main 'occupants' at my place. This one is really staring at me in an unnerving way!!!

  2. It looks positively furious that you are in his space. How very DARE you! The little mantis is a cutie though!

  3. Could the cat possibly be preying on the praying mantis?


  4. It does look furious lorenzo..... absolutely.... Michèle, I think it is probably on this spot for birds in the nearby trees/flax. The praying mantis is too far away, off the opposite side of the deck. But I imagine it would eat it if it saw it...