Sunday, December 05, 2010

Walking- a purpose....

people enjoying an autumn walk along a Christchurch beach

I think that our bodies are made to walk. And walking in the outdoors brings me a special joy, and a sense of thankfulness. A long walk brings a rhythm and simplicity of living that I deeply treasure. It is 'right' for me to walk, simply walk.

These words from the song  "Be Mindful" by Fr Chris Skinner SM perhaps 'sum it all up' for me:

 "There's a dance our bodies long to dance
There's a song our voices long to sing
There's a dream our  planets dreaming of
Sing and dance her dream upon the earth"

You can read the rest of the lyrics of this song here. The song is found on his Collection album.

In 2008 I walked along the Chemin de St Jacques from Le-Puy-en-Velay to Santiago. I never ever worked out whether I was a pilgrim, or 'just' a long-distance-walker. But I have since decided the question is not of any relevance or importance for me: the walk was what it was.....

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