Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning- Bledisloe Walk

Yesterday morning before heading off to share Christmas Day with friends, I headed for a walk along the whole Bledisloe walkway from Massey up to Old West Rd.

 As I crossed over each of the bridges I saw gentle morning light on the stream.

I know I have put up a photo of this gateway before, but I always  love the darkness of the path and fences contrasted with the sunlight on the hills beyond.

 So very pleasing to see that Christmas Day has started in sunshine!

 These crops nearer the end of the track seem very well advanced this year, with all the tropical warmth and wet we have had lately.

And on my way back I stopped briefly at one of the tables along the way to eat a summer peach and drink some water.


  1. Kia ora Kiwi Nomad,
    What a great walk. I love the photo of the gate, and that far off silhoutte of Maharahara in the distance makes me long for the mountains. Have been trying for a week now to get out with my son, but the weather has just been too volatile, and now he is off with mates rather than his old man. Guess I am on my own.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and a great and Happy New Year.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing the green! I'm looking at drifts of snow outside my window! And the wind blowing it all back across the path!

  3. Karin, we had a terrible storm here yesterday- no snow but real gales. Some places had torrential rain and awful flooding- some people escaped from campgrounds with their lives but none of their camping gear. And major roads in the South Island are blocked by flooding at peak holiday time. Hopefully it will soon drain away: today it is supposed to be sunny and warm again, and I am planning a swim.

  4. Maybe today will be a day you make it into the mountains Robb. Yesterday certainly was not a day for it! I was almost scared driving just in town in case a tree branch came down on my car. Now, I don't know what that peak is, but it isn't Maharahara as those ranges are the northern end of the Tararuas as seen in behind Massey. Happy New Year to you as well, and I hope you get out into the Ruahines lots!