Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tui juvenile in the backyard

In the last few days there have been repeated visits onto my backyard flax flowers by a juvenile tui, and also sometimes from an adult tui- and occasionally even the two of them together. The flax bush is so close to my back deck that it even gave me quite a fright to suddenly hear the adult tui singing this morning! I suspect their nest must be quite close, perhaps on a tree at the neighbour's place behind mine.

Here are a few photos of the juvenile tui feeding on my flax flowers this evening. (You can see someone else's shot on this webpage!)

And goodness, I had just finished this post, and two birds flew down together- both juveniles. One was dominant though, and soon chased the other one away... Here is a photo of the one that got to stay....


  1. Mother and child is kind of relevant to me today. I don't like seagulls, but there was one with a broken leg at the beach today, with her baby who was squawking for food. I hope it goes well for them. Do Tui have a very loud call?

  2. Those flowers are almost identical to our Coral Tree blooms.
    Tui are very pretty :)

  3. Tui have quite a loud call yes. They have rather a lovely call, and can also 'imitate' other calls.

  4. Nice shots! Happy new year to you !