Friday, August 18, 2006


Arrived in Paris this afternoon. Progress through Dublin Airport was as smooth as I imagine it normally is so that was a pleasant surprise. CDG took ages to get through queue at Customs and then had to wait ages for baggage- quite the slowest I have met anywhere.
I am staying in a hostel in Montmatre and love the neighbourhood. The hostel is close to Jules Joffrin metro stop. There is a lot of ordinary residential property and all the boulangeries and flower shops and butcheries and small grocery shops you would expect in France. Plus lots of fresh fruit, something that was not so easy to find in Jersey and Ireland. I walked up to Sacre Coeur at the top of the hill and found all the tourists. Then came back down again to eat in more normal territory. Had just started eating when the storm that had been threatening all afternoon finally hit, complete with lightning. My French friend Monique told me that after August 15th there were typically lots of storms here. Guess she was right!!


  1. Got your Westport photo yesterday - thanks - it looks very rustic and pretty. Quite different to the Westport we know here! Hope the river Shannon didn't look too dingy, for our Shannon's sake!lol Have a great day, our lot are all better now, just colds, which had Brent off 3 days of last week as he was too croaky for work.

  2. Westport was a lovely town. When I took the photo of the Shannon river it had at least fifty white swans sitting on it, which I thought was amazing!