Thursday, August 31, 2006


Trishaws. The ones here in Malacca are amazing, decorated with flowers and flags and all sorts. At night they might have lights and hooters.
Traffic. Terrible. Lanes mean nothing and driving down the middle of lanes, and changing lanes without indicating are commonplace. Motorbikes weave in and out at speed and apparently the accident/death rate is very high. Double parking is a norm. There are shelter places for motorbikes built under motorway bridges and since I have seen a few torrential downpours now they are obviously a good idea.
Food is yummy and comes in great variety. Hygiene for food also seems to be high. Though water needs to be bought.

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  1. Lots of Pacific countries/islands we went to (Bali, Malaysia, Vanuatu) helmets seemed to be voluntary. We had to ask for one when hiring a motorbike, & my passenger one was light plastic! Still, sometimes it was better being on that bike than a pedestrian trying to cross the road!