Thursday, August 03, 2006


This morning I caught the bus to Dingle, a summertime only service that came directly from Killarney via Inch without having to go to Tralee and wait for a connection. I was surprised when I reached Dingle as somehow I had imagined I was coming to a remote spot. Glengarriff was far more remote and rugged: Dingle has a largish port and is very busy with tourists.

I found my spot in the hostel, booked an archaeaological tour for tomorrow morning and then headed off to walk down the peninsula a bit. (The lady who booked me on the tour commented that my name was "very Irish" and then she proceeded to spell it correctly. I was impressed: I am sure I will love the tour!)
Unfortunately when off walking I missed the turn for the Dingle Way, and ended up walking to Ventry along a very busy road that had heaps of tourist traffic going around the Head. On the way back I discovered where I had missed the turnoff! It was a warm afternoon and the sunshine was strongly back again with no need for a raincoat. There were a few good views out into the harbour along the road walk, but mostly I was worried about avoiding cars on the narrow road. I passed a lot of farmland and saw some dairy cows. It was not the rugged isolated place I had envisaged, though the scenery was still beautiful.

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