Saturday, January 09, 2021

Palmy walk- with Camino training memories

Today and tomorrow in Tasmania there is a pilgrimage walk that has become a 'virtual' Camino, since so many cannot presently walk the Camino in Spain, or even walk far in their own country. Throughout the day people have been posting photos from many places around the world of their 'virtual' Caminos. 

I decided against walking 15km+ today, but I did walk about 6km this morning, on a route that I often walked when I was 'training' for each of my Caminos in 2008 and 2012.  The route is very familiar to me, and I enjoyed re-tracing an old path. We are lucky in Palmerston North that we have a succession of city walkways/ green corridors that you can link up, and walk as far or briefly as you wish.  Today I parked my car at Springdale Grove, headed in the direction of the hills, then across behind IPU, before turning back down the Summerhill 'valley' path and rejoining my car. Here are a selection of photos from my walk.

Here is the sign where I started walking- it's looking a bit 'worn' but still serves it's purpose.
To the top right of this photo you can see some 'blue' colouring that is the city athletics track. 

It didn't seem to take long before I was heading downhill again, with the view of the hills ahead of me. There has been lots of infrastructure built by PNCC in terms of steps and bridges etc that make this walk possible, and I am grateful for all of it.

As always on a walk, it is some of the 'little' details that make the heart glad.

Old fencepost I always love seeing







The path lead downhill, then uphill by a pond, then down again to Old West Road. Sometimes I turn back to my car at this point, but today I decided to do a loop.

Near Old West Rd there were quite a few 'Te Araroa' symbols appearing. The path I had walked was part of the Te Araroa Walkway, but not far from here, I diverged to return back around to the city, while those walking the Te Araroa route continue on down Turitea Rd and into the hills behind the city.

Just before I joined Turitea Rd, I met some sheep that looked back at me. I seem to have often walked here in springtime, when mothers and lambs tend to run away, but these sheep just calmly regarded me.
The next bit of the path is a link path up to Pacific Drive, and I remember on previous occasions,looking at reflections in puddles and this creek as I climbed- because there is in fact a steep bit of climb here that I like to distract myself from. But the view at the top is well worth it.

A new sign has appeared since I last walked here. As you re-emerge into the land of nearby houses, there is the Adderstone Walkway, and clearly people have been planting here over time. There are many flax bushes near a pond, and earlier in the season, you get to see many tui swooping into the flax flowers to feed. For now, the seed pods are swelling and not so appetising for tui at present.

By now, my day's route was coming to a close. I headed downhill into the valley by Summerhill Drive, where there is some shade as the day warms up.

And as I finally rejoined the road before getting back to my car at Springdale Grove, I took time to enjoy the summer wildflowers by the fence. 

 Addendum: I didn't see any tui today by IPU, but the flax flowers in my backyard are a little later, so I did indeed see a tui at home.

Buen Camino to all the Virtual Camino walkers today. I found it a peaceful interlude to be walking today. With all that is going on in the world at present, I hope you did too.


  1. and Buen Camino to you! Beautiful photos ...with the possible exception of the tradescantia and convulvulous (banes of my life!)

    1. Hi Kay- yes both of those are a pain in my garden and need attending to soon. But they look quite beautiful as wildflowers along the walk!