Sunday, April 01, 2018

Walking in town

This poor forlorn neglected blog. You could blame my renewed interest in genealogy- that takes up time... But now I am starting a renewed fitness splurge as I am going to be walking the Milford Track in December -ages away I know, but I want to enjoy the serious hill climb day then!

First step in the fitness plan is just to increase the amount of walking I do around town. When spring rolls around I will have to be fit enough to make the Rangiwahia Hut walk easily...

I know I have used photos from all these local walks before- but every walk has different weather, lighting, times of day and seasons, and so I hope I don't repeat myself too much. The sunlight just has to fall in a certain way, and you notice something quite different even on a very familiar walk.

So here is today's loop on some of the Turitea/Summerhill walkways. I parked by the bridge as my starting point.

It was a 5.6km stretch, with a few ups and downs.
Here are some photos from along the way.
Nearing the university- this seat seems to have left its old home and been abandoned...
 The first set of stairs to climb. There is a Very Serious set of stairs near here, that Serious Fitness Fanatics like to climb. Hmmm, I might have to adopt their practice in a few months.
 I am always fascinated by this powerline tower- and how it changes its looks depending on the sky.
 I took a glimpse off the track to the farmland, but no animals are here today.
These trees seem to stand guard over the pathway to the distant hills. Next time I walk here I wonder if they will be bare for winter.
 I walked a short section along the road- saw some interesting old gates.
 And I passed this early blooming camellia- with delicate flowers.
When I cut across a reserve to find the walking track down Summerhill, I was looking for this comfy seat to rest on. As I get older I appreciate them more!
This particular seat was a memorial one for a woman who would have fought to make the place I was in more accessible for us all.
 Once I was back downhill there was a spot beside the path that has been cleared for housing I think. (Not sure I would want to live so close to a river that might flood but oh well...)
 My walk nearly finished, I had time to enjoy the view from the bridge, and to enjoy the shadows cast by the gentle autumn sunlight.
Nearly back to my car, I saw another of these stormwater draincovers. I love this series that someone designed.
So, that's today's walk... tomorrow's will be gentler as I go out to collect some signs of autumn for my classroom.


  1. Welcome back Margaret.. and happy walking!

  2. That was a decent walk. I see you stopped often to take photos. Way to go.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    It was a lovely sunny, calm day, perfect for taking photos. Today has dawned very overcast and windy. Even if I go walking, I doubt that I will be tempted to use my camera much!