Monday, April 17, 2017

Exploring around Kumara

My maternal ancestors were involved with goldmining, many in Kumara. Today I did some exploring around the area.

One of my great-uncles, John Payn, was killed in action in France in WW1 and is buried there. His name is listed on the greenstone plaques outside the Memorial Hall.

During the day a whole pile of Pork Pie Minis passed through.

This historic hotel was here when my great grandfather Frank Payn was still a young man.

I walked around the back of Londonderry Rock where my uncle took me once. The piles of tailings from sluicing are still incredibly tall and barren.

It was great to see Kumara School had real acknowledgement of the town's past. This sculpture of a miner panning for gold was near the entrance.

I did lots of walking- including on Payn's Track. I saw this old house in my travels. Someone's ancestors lived here.

Tonight I had dinner at the Theatre Royal Hotel - and by chance, my ancestors graced my placemat.

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  1. We could well be related or at least had ancestors who were neighbours! My paternal grandmother went to Kumara school and my paternal grandfather's family lived in and around Greymouth, Westport and futher north up the coast. I remember my grandmother going to a big school reunion when I was quite young.The name Payn is one I've heard in my childhood. I took some photos of Kumara School last February, met some locals and heard that the last Honey had left the area just a couple of years ago.

  2. Hi Lorraine At the very least our ancestors would have known one another. I am descended from Johanna Scettrini and Frank Payn, and their daughter Rose who married a Lalor. A couple of the Payn women married Honey men but I can't recall which ones offhand.