Monday, April 17, 2017

Across the Strait

I wasn't entirely looking forward to this sailing since Cyclone Cook had barely left the east coast behind, but being on the ferry started well with this glorious sky.

We left on time and soon we passed Mt Victoria, Seatoun, and the windmills at the western edge of the North Island.

I had a short 'snooze' while we were out in the Strait itself, where there was quite a strong wind though not much swell- and it seemed no time before we were arriving in the Sounds, in the South Island.

In Tory Channel we passed one of the other ferries.

And as we left Tory Channel, other boats were heading in...

It was a very pleasant day on deck taking in the views...

...and doing a spot of people watching.

And now, I am back on South Island soil...

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  1. These photos remind me of the west coast in Canada, mountains are not as high but the channels are similar and so lovely.