Friday, October 02, 2015

Taupo to Rotorua

With the yacht trip finished, I decided I wanted to check out the Spa Rd thermal park before I left Taupo. Turned out this was another opportunity to see the Waikato River in its 'infancy' before it got to Huka Falls.

Down the hill was a thermal stream that people were bathing in. And as you can see the brand new river is not exactly small.

As it turned out, I could have walked to Huka Falls from here, a 3km walk. But I hadn't known that and my lunch was back in my car up the hill...

So I drove on to Huka Falls, where this baby river gets squeezed through a very hard rock channel...

...before all that water flounces out to widen out again.

It was time to drive to Rotorua.

I caught the last of the daY's sunshine on the blossom tree over the road from the motel. The forecast is for rain and even thunder...

I had a quick look near the lake. Was surprised to realise how many birds use the thermal end of the lake near the hot pools.

It all looked like an alien landscape down there, enhanced by the grey clouds.

I wandered back through a part of the Government Gardens. Even with grey skies it looked impressive round there.

It looks like I will be re-looking at Wai-oTapu, my favourite thermal area, in the rain tomorrow...


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