Thursday, October 02, 2014

Wellington for WOW

I've come to Wellington for the Wearable Art Awards and had a few hours to wander the streets this arvo. Weather forecast was pretty bad but the sun was even shining when I arrived. So far the gales and rain have held off but I got some 'grey' photos. Quite a contrast from my recent weekend visit here when the weather was just brilliant.

The hotel is very close to the waterfront and the Arena where WOW will be held, so I headed straight down there, and was greeted by this pair of aliens. (Wellington is always full of surprises.)

...More sculpture I hadn't seen before...

I saw the police launch come in and tie up at the wharf.

It's interesting how in the dull light you notice things you don't see in the sunshine. There were a whole lot of plaques I had never read before.

People were out walking by the harbour even in the grey, some making joyful music.

And this friend stands waiting patiently in all weathers.

Back in town I saw this statue to Katherine Mansfield.



  1. Just read the Wikipedia biography of Katherine Mansfield. I remember reading a couple of her stories at University but didn't remember she was from New Zealand.
    Interesting contrast between the man statue in the sun and in the cloudy weather.

    1. Michèle, when I was 14-15 we had a wonderful English teacher who sometimes read things aloud. She read us Mansfield's story about the Doll's House.

  2. Wow. I have to say wow, for such a collection of fine captures. Amazing first and last photos are my favorites!

    1. Thanks Karen. I always love wandering in Wellington- always something interesting to see.