Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wedding Tidbits

Well, my blog isn't the place for personal/family revelations - but here are a few photographic tidbits from my niece's wedding, without the people- but they still give a taste..

The wedding ceremony was at St Francis de Sales church in Devonport. I took a quick drive in the morning to spy out the lie of the land. It was a showery morning, but the sun was shining when I visited. The wedding was at 3pm and at 2pm it hosed down. But in the event, the weather was glorious.

When I arrived to visit the venue I was gobsmacked: it was right on the shoreline at Cheltenham Beach, right opposite Rangitoto.

The wedding candle they lit together in the ceremony.

And the afternoon, sunshine view of Rangitoto from the venue. I really wanted to jump in and gave a swim!

A link with the past: wedding ring cake decoration from my parents' cake.

The table for the bridal party...

The view from the venue.



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