Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Taputaputa Bay

I pulled off the road just south of Cape Reinga to have lunch at a bay just a few kms south, Taputaputa Bay, where there is a DOC campsite and 'day area'. Exquisite. If I had my tent in the car with me, instead of it being at the Ahipara campground, this would have been my night's stop for sure. As it was, I grabbed my lunch to eat calmly at the table in the shade.

Then I grabbed my deckchair and sat down to read my book.

One of the pohutukawa trees was even still flowering.


I thought I had the perfect bit of heaven. Imagine my surprise when a bus load of people arrived for their lunch too...

Lastly I roused myself from my book and deckchair and took a walk. Saw this bird near the rock pools and will check my books back at home to see what it is.

Before I leave this idyllic campsite, I'll show you someone else's tent!



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