Tuesday, April 26, 2011

116: Forlorn

I saw this trailer hoisted into the sky by this crane on Saturday when I passed. At the time the skies were very blue, and I thought it would have made a humorous 365 photo, but I never had my camera with me. It was still hanging there today, as many workers have been given the day off since we 'missed' a public holiday on Anzac Day this year. But oh how very forlorn the trailer looks in today's rain, hanging so lonely by itself. 

I had to take the photo through the windscreen as it was far too wet to get out of the car. And even then, I had to keep turning the key on between shots to make the wipers work, so the trailer could actually be seen through the raindrops on the windscreen. (I needn't have bothered: as it turned out, my first shot was the best one!)


  1. When we did our cross country trip in 2009, I took numerous photos through the windshield because of rain. It it sort of neat when they actually turn out. Great pic Margaret.


  2. It was quite a funny sight! I have a few ideas lined up for indoor 'still life' shots in the winter, and was going to use one today...