Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sculpture in the Square

Today I had lunch in the Square in Palmerston North. I am not a fan of several major aspects of our horrendously expensive ' Square upgrade', and could indeed post some really ugly photos of the huge concrete area we now have. But I do have a couple of favourite spots, and the sunshine was upon them today. Today I will share just a few photos of sculptures.

In the background behind this sculpture, the 'power poles' are actually strong lighting that comes on at night, and the industrial nature of them is supposed to recall the railway lines that used to pass through this area.

The War Memorial Cenotaph is in the distant right background behind this shot. The large tree nearby is one of the relatively few left in the library sector. It used to be easy to find a shady spot to relax under in the Square, but not so now.

I find this sculpture to be particularly beautiful.

(When my summer hols arrive I might just take some more Square photos for my derelict and neglected photo blog!)


  1. I really love this sculpture. Thanks for posting it!

  2. These three are just part of a bigger group Julie... will post more in my summer hols with some proper info about them.