Saturday, November 03, 2007

into training

Time to stop mucking around and get into some proper Camino training. Bit short on hills right near where I live (alluvial flood plain), so need to get creative with the hills right on the edge of town.

My reward for getting up early-ish this morning was these lovely cloud reflections seen from the bridge across the Manawatu River.

I chose part of a circular route that I have cycled before, so I knew there were some hills along it as- lazy-cyclist that I am- I have walked up a few of them before! I have crossed a bridge over this stream before... but usually I am going fast as the bridge is at the bottom of a hill before a steepish climb so I am aiming at speed. But at walking pace, the sounds of the stream came to my ears, part of the peaceful morning.

I was headed for a friend's place on Old West Rd. Right near by was this newborn lamb and her protective mother.

And at friend's place, the morning sun looked beautiful on these rhodo blooms.

This part of the road headed back towards Massey. I won't take this part of the circuit on foot again as it was too busy with traffic.
I tried to take some photos to show a few steep hills. It is hard to show how steep some places are with the camera! The heartbeats might know, but it is hard to make the camera reveal. The steepest section was the hill heading for Aokautere from the bridge. And I am sure to be seen going up and down that more than a few times with a fully laden pack before April!


  1. photos are fabulous! and the training looks good too...keep it up!

  2. I have to keep it up! I am booking my ticket this week and in five months time will be heading towards the start of my long walk. But I just found out I am anaemic again, so I am hoping my training is not too compromised while I build up a bit of iron again! (Explains why I have been lethargic about mowing the lawns.)